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Congratulations to all the NWN LRI (Life Ready Individual)

We are super proud of your achievements in the last one year. The ceremony occurred last week, Saturday, June 25, 2022, where graduates were admonished to live purposefully, accurately, and orderly. They were also assigned to pick a Major Area of Influence and Impact in God’s kingdom amongst these 12 impact areas Food Water Medicine(Health) …

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A Message to House Wives

There are good homes and bad homes, and there are children who are well brought up and there are many children who are badly brought up. This happens in any business or personal activity. But when one adds up what it means to a nation, one must concede that the well run home and well-brought up children are more important even than a well-run business.
It is one of the most skilled professions in the world. When one adds to the business of running a house, the care and bringing up of the children, there is so much needed preparation for this occupation in the world.

Nine Attributes of a Real Man

As a man who has been fatherless almost all my life, I have found that defining masculinity is deceptively difficult. I didn’t have someone around to demonstrate true and healthy manhood. My father’s absence has been a source of grief and regret, but this sense of longing has driven me to God for answers, fulfillment, and sonship. He is my one faithful Father, my heavenly one.


Watching the movie titled “The Queen Of Katwe” My attention was drawn to the inscription on the bus that took the village kids of Katwe to the school in the city where they were to compete with a group of other kids.There was a moment of silence, as they gained entrance into this magnificent and elegant school with all the orderliness and decency.This was a sharp contrast to the mini jungle called Katwe.

Crushes- The Beginning and the End…

“To have a crush (on someone)” is a light-hearted and slightly juvenile way to express a strong affection for someone. It is mostly used to talk about young people’s feelings, and does not normally describe adult emotions.

A “crush” doesn’t have to be on a peer or someone of similar age. A young person can have a crush on an older (even a much older) celebrity or any other person. Also, a crush can often be one-sided, implying that the affection isn’t returned by the other person (referred to as “unrequited love”).

Disconnect to Reconnect

May we not miss the forest for the trees-Set aside times to disconnect in order to reconnect.
When last did you watch the sun rise in the morning?
You may need to disconnect to Reconnect –
Here is a shot of today’s sunrise from my rooftop.
You will rise and shine like the sun as we march into March and when the sea rages at you, you will stand IN JESUS NAME…

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